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Welcome to Wikia YA Society Reads!

Here, we read a new selection each month as a group, and spend the month interacting as we enjoy the book together.

We’ll program the page with new content each week with the assumption that everyone will be reading along with us at the pace of 25% of the book each week. By the last week, we’re hoping you’ll have finished the book to join our chat!

Here are a few things you can do here:
  • Want to edit? Add a page for books only if they have an associated book wikia. Check out our official To Do List here.
  • Take a poll or vote in a Top 10 - We’ll conduct these weekly on characters and plot points from the book.
  • Create a Top 10 List - Want to know what other fans are thinking on a singular list topic? Make your own!
  • Fantasy Casting - We’ll create Top 10 lists for each character, and you tell us who should play him or her in the movie version - even if that movie already exists.
  • Chat or write a blog post - Discuss what's happening in the book or blog about your theories and idea.
What you shouldn’t do here:
  • No spoilers in things you contribute. Not everyone is at the same spot in the book. If you have a spoiler in a blog post, note it in the headline.
  • Don’t discuss other books, even ones by the same author. A lot of authors have their own communities, so feel free to go there to discuss other books.
  • Don’t be disrespectful of other members’ opinions about the book. We all get different things from the books we read, and we’re here to share them.