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The Xandri Corelel series is a collection of science fiction novels authored by Kaia Sønderby. The plot centers around the character Xandri, who is among the remaining few individuals with autism in the cosmos. Xandri serves as the leader of Xeno-Liaisons on the Carpathia, a First Contact spaceship, employing her adept social abilities to facilitate the integration of novel species into the Starsystems Alliance.


The books in the series so far are:

0. Testing Pandora (November 3, 2016; originally published on Wattpad)
1. Failure to Communicate (February 14, 2017)
2. Tone of Voice (May 1, 2018)
3. Facial Expression (TBA)


The Carpathia is an extremely modified(to extents that make it one of the most illegal ships in the Alliance) Crystialliad-class troop cruiser. It is difficult to navigate for those not familiar with its layout due to all the refitting.


Due to widespread genetic engineering many disabilities had been largely wiped out. Then there was a fad of natural births. Then they starting finding children with everything from neurodivergence to physical disabilities blindness and illnesses like cystic fibrosis. It became illegal within Alliance worlds to have children without genetic manipulation and even the poorest got the service for free. The results of this were dubbed "Pandoras" in reference to the Ancient Earth myth of Pandora's jar and compared to all the evils in the world for existing differently.