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Walkaway is an American science fiction novel by Cory Doctorow, published by Head of Zeus and Tor Books. It was released on April 25, 2017, and has 384 pages.


In a world of non-work, ruined by human-created climate change and pollution, and where people are under surveillance and ruled over by a mega-rich elite, Hubert, Etc, his friend Seth, and Natalie, decide that they have nothing to lose by turning their backs and walking away from the everyday world or "default reality".

With the advent of 3D printing – and especially the ability to use these to fabricate even better fabricators – and with machines that can search for and reprocess waste or discarded materials, they no longer have need of Default for the basic essentials of life, such as food, clothing and shelter.

As more and more people choose to "walkaway", the ruling elite do not take these social changes sitting down. They use the military, police and mercenaries to attack and disrupt the walkaways' new settlements.

One thing that the elite are especially interested in is scientific research that the walkaways are carrying out which could finally put an end to death – and all this leads to revolution and eventual war.[1]

Main characters[]

  • Hubert Espinoza, better known as "Hubert, Etc" because of his nineteen middle names. Aged 27.
  • Seth: A friend of Hubert, Etc, who was "terrified of aging out of the beautiful children demographic and entering the world of non-work."
  • Natalie Redwater: Born into an elite family, she convinces Hubert, Etc, and Seth to walk away from the everyday world of "Default".