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The Wardstone Chronicles
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Author Joseph Delaney
Genre Fantasy

Seventh Son (2015)

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The Wardstone Chronicles, also known as The Last Apprentice, is a dark fantasy novel series written by British author Joseph Delaney.


Thomas Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son, and has been apprenticed to the local Spook. The job is hard and the Spook is distant, many apprentices have failed before Thomas. Somehow Thomas must learn how to exorcise ghosts, contain witches and bind boggarts. But when he is tricked into freeing Mother Malkin, the most evil witch in the County, and the horror begins.


  1. The Spook's Apprentice (UK)/Revenge of the Witch (USA)
  2. The Spook's Curse (UK)/Curse of the Bane (USA)
  3. The Spook's Secret (UK)/Night of the Soul Stealer (USA)
  4. The Spook's Battle (UK)/Attack of the Fiend (USA)
  5. The Spook's Mistake (UK)/Wrath of the Bloodeye (USA)
  6. The Spook's Sacrifice (UK)/Clash of the Demons (USA)
  7. The Spook's Nightmare (UK)/Rise of the Huntress (USA)
  8. The Spook's Destiny (UK)/Rage of the Fallen (USA)
  9. Spook's: I Am Grimalkin (UK)/Grimalkin The Witch Assassin (USA)
  10. The Spook's Blood (UK)/Lure of the Dead (USA)
  11. Spook's: Slither's Tale (UK)/Slither (USA)
  12. Spook's: Alice (UK)/I Am Alice (USA)
  13. The Spook's Revenge (UK)/Fury of the Seventh Son (USA)

Film adaptation[]

The first novel has been adapted into a film as Seventh Son, released in 2015.