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The Tale of Levi Lu is a children's book written and illustrated by Margaret Atwood that follows Kind and Obedient young Levi Lu the Raccoon as he gets into a bit of a pickle when he is confronted by they’re grumpy and nosey Mr. Pines the Moose and want’s just to get a little apple to make a apple for his two sisters and his Grandma Matilda.


The story focuses on a Levi, a young raccoon, and his family.


  • Levi Lu is the kind, polite, and obedient one who always wants to try his his best. (He is the oldest of the his two sisters).
  • Isabelle Lu is a young girl with good meanings and the most responsible one. (She is the second youngest, and the middle child).
  • Paula Lu is the most cutest and the most adorable little girl that you’ll ever met. (She is the youngest of the three)
  • Grandma Matilda is the most wisest and nicest grandmother you’ll meet.
  • Mr. Pines is the noesy and disapproved next door moose.

Levi Lu