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The Divide
The Divide
2012 edition
Author Aubrey Clark
Genre Fantasy, romance, young-adult fiction
Release Date March 20, 2012
Series The Secret Circle
Publisher HarperCollins
Website TheSecretCircle.Net: A Secret Circle Fansite
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The Divide is the fourth book in The Secret Circle series. It was written by the author Aubrey Clark after L. J. Smith was fired from writing future books, and originally published on March 20, 2012 by HarperCollins.


Keep your enemies close . . .

For the first time since moving to New Salem, Cassie Blake feels normal. She's dating her soul mate Adam and making new friends in town. But between the secret coven of witches she belongs to and the incredible power she holds within her, Cassie is leading a far from ordinary life. When tragedy strikes the Circle, Cassie realizes being extraordinary can be a curse.

The Circle is being hunted by an unknown enemy—and anyone could be the next victim. As they struggle to protect themselves, alliances are formed and relationships are tested. No one knows who to trust or who to fear. Will Cassie be able to save the Circle . . . and herself? Or will her choices break it apart forever?


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