The Maze Runner series
The Maze Runner UK paperback box set
UK paperback box set
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Author James Dashner
Genre Science Fiction, Adventure, Fiction

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The Maze Runner is a dystopian/science-fiction novel series by author James Dashner.


Boys are trapped in a maze, with no way out, and no memories of who they are. They long for the feeling of their parents' love. When Thomas came, everything changed, and a girl came in the maze. Her name is Teresa. She and Thomas can communicate using telepathy. The maze is infested with Grievers, and they would like a human feast. Secrets of the maze are spilled, and the "Rescuers" come to "rescue" them. The Gladers think that they are free from WICKED and they are saved, but the maze was just the beginning.


  1. The Maze Runner
  2. The Scorch Trials
  3. The Death Cure

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The Death Cure


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