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The Legend of Draconite
Publication information
Author S.A. Thorup
Genre Fantasy
Series The Chronicles of Libera
Website Xenithar's Lair
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The Legend of Draconite is the first completed series within the Chronicles of Libera, written by S.A. Thorup.


  1. Sunstone
  2. Gift Search
  3. E'lsra
  4. Moonstone
  5. Ascension



The story is based around a warrior named Tasaru Enkar, who hails from a saurian race called the Molouks. She and her warrior clan, the Draconites, hear rumors of powerful stones, and at the behest of their leader, go on a search to locate the stones. In the meantime, a dark faction stirs in their neighboring isle, and they are caught up in a series of events that will help Tasaru realize her role in saving Ramirra, and the Southern Isles.

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Gift Search[]

In the events of Sunstone, a Draconite warrior was slain. Thus, the Draconite clan must commence on a Gift Search to find the next warrior that will bear the hostless, holy machine of magic known as Theras. They have to move their search from Ramirra to Zanoll, their neighboring isle, where they are caught back up in a war that has engulfed the island. Unbeknownst to our hero, Gage Mon, there will not be one candidate in Gift Search, but two...

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