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The Kingkiller Chronicle
The Name of the Wind book cover
Publication information
Author Patrick Rothfuss
Genre Fantasy, Fiction

Optioned by Lionsgate

TV series

Optioned by 20th Century Fox (project dropped)

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The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy series written by Patrick Rothfuss.


  1. The Name of the Wind
  2. The Wise Man's Fear
  3. The Doors of Stone

Companion novallas[]

The Name of the Wind plot[]

Name of the Wind begins by setting the stage of the "present" time in a tavern in Newarre owned by a man named Kote. It comes to the attention of the reader that Kote is really the infamous Kvothe, a legend assumed to have died. A man, nicknamed the Chronicler, begins to record Kvothes story over the period of 3 days. The story begins when Kvothe was a boy of eleven years old.

This encompasses the first day of Kvothe's dictation, which covers approximately five years of his life. The remainder of the novel proceeds by alternating between passages of Kvothe's story told in first person, and interludes of narrative third person when breaks in the storytelling occur.

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