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The Company You Keep
Author Neil Gordon
Genre Mystery
Release Date 2004
Movie Adaptations

The Company You Keep (2013)

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The Company You Keep is a 2004 mystery novel by Neil Gordon. The novel has been adapted as a movie which is due to be released in 2013.


It is 2006. Seventeen-year-old Isabel Montgomery starts to receive emails from her father, a man who had abandoned her in a hotel room ten years ago when his past finally caught up with him. Why has he contacted her now? Because he needs her help and is finally ready to reveal the truth.

Over the course of the next month, further emails arrive telling her more about her family's past. Isabel discovers that her father adopted a false identity in the hope of avoiding murder charges for a robbery gone wrong in 1974. By 1996, with a marriage falling apart around him, he is one last Vietnam-era fugitives still wanted by the law. When he is finally tracked down by a young newspaper reporter in search of a story he must abandon years of safe underground life in an attempt to exonerate himself.