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The Big Blackout is a book made by Vasileios Diagoumas. It can be freely downloaded by the link in the description of this video.


In a village called Palenville, a big blackout happens and the lamiak of the village that are secretly hiding in the woods possess most trucks in the village and start killing and injuring the villagers.

8 people that are in a hotel take shelter from the trucks that are destroying the village only to realize that the trucks have cornered them in the hotel.

Some teenagers from a neighboring village are sent to see what happened to Palenville only to be attacked by the trucks and eventually they take shelter in the hotel too.

The survivors try to escape from the sewer system of the hotel as the police arrive in the village, when the survivors get out of the sewer they see a big truck in front of them. A police officer tells them to get down as he is ready to explode the truck but the truck fastly drives towards them, possibly running them over.


Book's Credits:

Vasileios Diagoumas

Nina Papadimitriou

Argena Trampou (Ideas)

Basilis Papadimitriou (Ideas)

Rena Trampou