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Author Maxx Barry
Genre Satire
Movie Adaptations

Syrup (2013)

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Syrup is a satirical novel by Maxx Barry.


When a young marketing graduate named Scat comes up with an idea for a new product for Coca-Cola called 'Fukk', he goes to Coca-Cola to sell his idea for $3 million. Unfortunately, he learns that someone he knows named Sneaky Pete has already claimed the copyright! Scat then leaves his apartment with Sneaky Pete and moves in with Cindy, his on-and-off girlfriend. Things get worse when Cindy eventually throws him out, and he goes to live with 6 (a love interest) and Tina (6's roommate) while managing the summer marketing campaign for Coca-Cola.

The campaign is eventually a success, and, after that, Scat's only goal is to undermine Sneaky Pete's effort to run a new secret project for Coca-Cola: the first feature length advertising movie!