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Source Journalism and News Values
Publication information
Author Joel Landau
Genre Critique
Release Date 2016


Publisher Amazon
Website Official website
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"Source Journalism and News Values" is a critically-oriented Ebook published on the Amazon's Kindle service in October 2016 by journalist Joel Landau. It is mainly focused on journalism as an entire industry and how it functions in the United States. The main story is written from a personal point of view, because the author wanted to remains true to the past events which lead to the current situation.

Following the newest trends of news sourcing, the author published the ebook only.[1]

Critical reception[]

Critical reception for Source Journalism and News Values has been mainly neutral, despite the low number of sales. It seems that the book is doing rather well in journalism colleges, where students can learn a lot from it.

A third-party review from Publishers Weekly says that while the main story is saturated with historical events that happened in the 20th century, the main focus should have been put the present events. Maybe this way the general public would have been more interested in this small, but great book from the critique genre.

The author's point was to explain how today's news mixed with Facebook and Google create a warped reality. He gives a few reliable news sources as an example and how are they stacking up these days in the US.

Parental guidance[]

  • Reading Age: Grades 11 through 12, according to publisher.
  • Read Aloud Age: Grades 7 and up.


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