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Privateer Tales

Privateer Tales is a literary series written by Jamie McFarlane, who has also written Junkyard Pirate, Witchy World, and Henry Biggston Thriller.


  1. Rookie Privateer
  2. Fool Me Once
  3. Parley
  4. Big Pete
  5. Smuggler's Dilemma
  6. Cutpurse
  7. Life of a Miner
  8. Out of the Tank
  9. Buccaneers
  10. A Matter of Honor
  11. Give No Quarter
  12. Blockade Runner
  13. Corsair Menace
  14. Pursuit of the Bold
  15. Fury of the Bold
  16. Judgment of the Bold
  17. Privateers in Exile
  18. Incursion at Elea Station
  19. Freebooter's Hold
  20. Black Cutlass