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Ash and Mary-Lynnette: Those Who Favor Fire is a short story written by L. J. Smith. The story reintroduces the soulmate couple Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynnette Carter, approximately one year after their separation in Daughters of Darkness. Seeking her to bring her to a Circle Daybreak sanctuary, Ash, who has worked hard to atone for his past sins, makes his way to Massachusetts by helicopter, where Mary-Lynnette is attending college. However, upon reuniting with Mary-Lynnette, Ash has a new problem on his hands: a dragon following the helicopter. The tale is told in third person, with the alternating viewpoints of Ash, Mary-Lynnette and a new character, Devi Srinivasa. 

The title of the story comes from a quote by the poet Robert Frost.


"This is, at last, the continuation of the story of Ash Redfern and Mary-Lynnette Carter. For those who haven't read the original, or don't remember, although they are soulmates, the stargazer Mary-Lynnette sent the vampire Ash packing when she heard about the sins of his past. Ever since, a reformed Ash has been trying to make amends. But will it ever be enough for Mary-Lynnette? And what's on the disk that Mary-Lynnette's friend claims will save humankind?"

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