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Here are some ideas on how to get started contributing to this wikia.

Books Hub[]

1. Start by creating a profile! We like that we know who you are, and so other registered users can get to know you.

2. Create a book, series, or author article page. If you’re a big fan of a book, a book series, or a particular author, create a page for any of those if one doesn’t already exist. Look at our Manual of Style for tips on how to best create a page for this wikia. If a page does exist, feel free to edit.

YA Society Reads[]

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1. See what book we’re reading this month, and read along with us. The book we’re reading is alway displayed prominently on the main page of YA Society Reads . Every month we read a different book, and we have fun ways for you to tell us what you like about the book, like…

2. Vote in polls. Every week, we post a new poll about the book, asking for your take on what’s great about the books we’re reading together.

3. Vote in Fantasy Casting. We love imagining different actors and actresses cast in the roles of the main characters of the book we’re reading, and so we created some Top 10 lists of the actors we’d consider for those roles. You can vote for one of ours or add your own to our list!

4. Sign up for YA Society Reads Sign up for monthly updates on our book of the month and be entered to win prizes, including kindles and Amazon gift cards. Click here for details...