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Welcome to Wikia's mini book clubs! Wikia hosts the monthly Book Club, but we want our users to be able to create their own book discussions on this wikia. Do YOU have a great idea for a book club? Tell us about it!

How to Run a Mini Book Club[]

Stack of books
  1. Create a book page and an author page (please categorize them with either "Books", "Authors", AND "Mini Book Clubs")
  2. Create a Forum Thread here
  3. Add your Mini Book Club to the list below so users can join in on the discussion
  4. We encourage you to create Fantasy Casting, Fan Creations, or other pages to engage users.


  • Please write your User Name on the list below when you sign up the mini book club
  • Please contact Asnow89 for help with promotion!

Current Mini Book Clubs[]

Past Mini Book Clubs[]