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Mark Tompkins Sec Song and Dance
Sec dance
Publication information
Author Mark Tompkins
Genre Non-Fiction
Release Date 2016


Publisher Amazon
Website Official website
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"Mark Tompkins Sec Song and Dance" is a non-fictional ebook published in September 2016 on Amazon's Kindle service. It is written by Mark Tompkins, and it is focused solely on the topic of modern dances. The author, having experience in real life with the subject matter, tells his point of view about the expressionist dance.

While the book is heavily based on the explanation of the modern dances, the main story is a point of view of the author himself.[1]

Critical reception[]

Launched in mid-September 2016, the book was very well received by the critics, although the sales are not on par with the professional's opinion, the book is yet to be a Success.

In the view of the critics, this is a good book on the general topic of modern dances and how the dance phenomenon became famous across various cultures and across continents.

The author primary idea was to write a book that would serve as a guide to students, who are interested in the contemporary dances of the late 20th Century.

Parental guidance[]

  • Reading Age: Grades 9 through 12, according to publisher.
  • Read Aloud Age: Grades 5 and up.


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