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Mark Tompkins Sec is an American-born dancer and choreographer of contemporary dances. He was born in 1954, and moved to France in 1973 where he started his long and fruitful career. Trained at the Theatre of Movement and Gesture, he had his fist performances as a solo artist. In 1983 he founded his company I.D.A. short for International Associated Dreams. The following year he won the Bagnolet contest after he creates the trilogy, Trahisons - Men, Women, Human, inspired by a photographer’s study of the human body in motion.

During the 90’s, Mark Tompkins creates and performs many solos, and then returning to the traditional theatre space, he creates Home, a four performers comedy, and Channels, a urban fantasy with seven dancers and three musicians. In 1996 he creates “Gravity” an artwork masterpiece including five performers. From 1998 to 2000, he serves as residence artist in Strasbourg where he performs with a group of highly talented European performers.

In 2016, Mark Tompkins Sec Song and Dance is published on Amazon's Kindle service. His book deals with modern dances and explores the natural energy and emotions of the bodies that produce dances. He also shares some of his personal experiences and perspective on this subject. The non-fiction book written by Tompkins Sec received great critics.[1]


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