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L. J. Smith
L. J. Smith image
Lisa Jane Smith
Born 4 September 1965

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gender Female
Notable Works

The Vampire Diaries, Night World


Young Adult, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance


Lisa Jane Smith, or best known from her initials, L. J. Smith, is the creator of The Vampire Diaries and Night World series. Most of her work are in the young adults fiction genre.

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Night World Series[]

  1. Secret Vampire
  2. Daughters of Darkness
  3. Spellbinder (known as Enchantress in UK and Australia version)
  4. Dark Angel
  5. The Chosen
  6. Soulmate
  7. Huntress
  8. Black Dawn
  9. Witchlight
  10. Strange Fate (TBA)

The Vampire Diaries Universe[]

The Vampire Diaries Series

  1. The Awakening: Volume I
  2. The Struggle: Volume II
  3. The Fury: Volume III
  4. Dark Reunion: Volume IV

The Vampire Diaries: The Return Trilogy

  1. The Return: Nightfall
  2. The Return: Shadow Souls
  3. The Return: Midnight

The Secret Circle Series[]

  1. The Initiation
  2. The Captive
  3. The Power

The Forbidden Game Series[]

  1. The Hunter
  2. The Chase
  3. The Kill
  4. Rematch (TBA)

Dark Vision Series[]

  1. The Strange Power
  2. The Possessed
  3. The Passion
  4. Blindsight (TBA)

Wildworld Series[]

  1. The Night of the Solstice
  2. Heart of Valor
  3. Mirrors of Heavan (TBA)


  • Eternity: A Vampire Love Story (TBA)
  • The Last Lullaby (TBA)