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"Kaleidoskop" is the main title of a book series started in late 2020, September/October, by German author Oliver Lippert. He is writing mainly in German but also has English prose inside his books. The subtitle is "- Abschnitt 1 -" for the his first book, and "- Abschnitt 2 -" for his second book. While the first one contains more poems in at least two languages, his second book contains mainly short and long thoughts in prose. Some kind of short stories. The second book "Kaleidoskop - Abschnitt 2 -" also contains pictures designed by the author in the late 1990ies and early 2000 years. The same is valid for the texts. He started writing in the mid 1990ies.

Themes are often his feelings, his depression and vaguely his autism, but also about love, longing, relationships and more.

Cover K2 (Kopie)

His books are available in print and ebooks. He also offers some sort of merch with his own designs. He his member on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and is writing reviews for different websites, most of the time his own, since the mid 1990ies.

Links to all social media, merch, books are here.