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Fairly is a 1994 fantasy fiction children's picture book written and illustrated by American author Chris Van Allsburg. In the story, two kids are drawn into a fairytale adventure when their house is taken to a fairytale kingdom like land by a magical board game. The book is a sequel to the 1981 children's book Jumanji, also by Van Allsburg, and visual and textual references are made to "Jumanji" in the story. The book was adapted into a film, titled Fairly, in 2015.


Fairly picks where Jumanji left off, as the parents of an older brother and a little sister named Caleb and Molly Browning, are leaving for the Shepherd's house. The two siblings get bored and want something to do but never agree on something they both want and decide to go outside where they find the insidious Jumanji board game left by Judy and Peter. Molly brings the game home, where she then loses interest in playing it.

Underneath Jumanji, Molly finds another game called Fairly a Fairytale Adventure. Molly starts playing this game, then he gets a card that says, Dragon Attack, Sleeping on your house. Molly and Caleb then fell a big 'thump' on the top of their celling and both of them look outside and find a giant dragon resting on the roof top on their house. The both of them find them selves looking at a huge magical village and on the far side of the village is a fantastical castle that's huge. Caleb than figures out that to get back home in one piece is to finish the game than Molly agrees and try to finish the game together. When Caleb takes his turn, the card read, Elves in the Kitchen, move ahead 1 space, a bunch of mischievous elves start trashing up the kitchen.

Molly takes her turn, a Evil Queen starts attacking and chasing them across the house, when Caleb takes his turn, their house starts levitating across the land, The Evil Queen chases the elves away as Caleb takes his turn and gets pulled into the grown and sent back in time. Caleb and Molly get transported back to when he was with Molly in the living room. The two of them get outside and find themself back home and everything back to normal, Caleb stuffs the board game in a trash can and instead offers to play catch with Molly. Evidently, having gone through these dangerous adventures and helping each other has brought the two siblings closer together until the parents come home.


Publishers Weekly said the book was a "satisfying enigma" like its predecessor. Booklist said readers of Jumanji would also like Fairly. Alternatively, The Horn Book Magazine said the book did not work as a sequel to Jumanji but worked as part of a series.

Film Adaptation[]

A film adaptation of the book titled Fairly was made in 2015, directed by Rob Letterman. It received positive reviews from critics and was a big commercial success.