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Author Taylor Anderson
Series May 6th, 2014

Varies by Book

Publisher Tantor Media
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The Destroyermen series revolves around a dilapidated World War I-era destroyer, USS Walker (DD-163), and her crew. Barely surviving a battle with a Japanese cruiser, Walker and her crew pass through a squall to an alternate Earth where they must triumph over a new evil, much more vast and vile than the Japanese could ever be.


In Into The Storm, the story begins during the Second Battle of the Java Sea. The USS Walker (DD-163) is a destroyer of the United States Asiatic Fleet, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy. The Walker was a part of the surviving ABDACOM fleet, consisting of the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Exeter, HMS Encounter, and the United States Navy destroyers Pope, and Mahan, all of which were fleeing from Japanese Naval forces. However, the Japanese forces closed range, and opened up on the small Allied fleet. The Exeter took a major hit, and ordered the remaining four destroyers to leave the crippled cruiser.

The destroyers were systematically sunk, starting with the Encounter, followed by the Pope shortly thereafter just as happened in the real naval battle. The surviving destroyers, Walker and Mahan then encountered the Japanese battlecruiser Amagi. Seeing no other option, Lieutenant Commander Reddy commanded the pair of destroyers to stage a torpedo attack, which sinks an accompanying destroyer, and badly damages the battlecruiser, before the ships were enveloped in a freak squall, and transported to an alternate world, where humans never evolved.

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