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Deplorable Instinct (2023) is an upcoming novel written by American horror writer Matthew Holman. It is a remake of an incredibly obscure book the author had previously written, likely created to improve the initial concept. It is known to be an incredibly inappropriate and highly shocking novel containing extreme acts of cruelty and violence towards other people and even animals. It appears to be a book showcasing the vile concept of narcissistic parenting in action. The book has yet to be released, though an excerpt has been publicly released containing a few chapters for all to read. The book will be released on E-book and Paperback on 11.23.23.

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The official cover of "Deplorable Instinct"


The plot reads as follows on Amazon: "In this short 200-page psychological horror novel, 14-year-old Ethan Wright is a disturbed boy. He frequently displays blatant antisocial tendencies that his highly narcissistic parents seem to conveniently ignore due to their own selfishness. After a period of going on a large crime spree unbeknownst to his parents; Ethan starts to take things a step further and begins a massacre at his high school, Oakmont High that traumatizes the nation."

Controversial Themes[]

Here are some themes rumored to be in the upcoming novel, that have people scratching their heads with both morbid curiosity and anger.

  • The protagonist, Ethan Wright, is a minor committing acts of extreme violence against other minors.
  • The plot surrounds a school shooting from the murderer's point of view.
  • The book contains scenes of extreme animal cruelty, although rare.
  • The book paints narcissists in a very bad light, which may be offensive to those who suffer from NPD.

Ethan Wright[]

Ethan Wright is the highly disturbed and bizarre protagonist of Deplorable Instinct. From has been publicly shared, he is known to be a 14-year-old teenage boy possessing an extreme form of personality disorder. He is obsessed with the "undeserved" happiness he perceives his classmates as possessing and suffers frequent bouts of homicidal rage at any perceived slight to his perceived dominance. He does not appear well taken care of or properly groomed and has no friends in school at all. It is likely he is in a perpetual cycle of psychosis due to his repeated actions throughout the book. He is capable of carrying out extremely brutal and effective murders on other classmates on a dime, even being able to compose himself for days after the event as if nothing happened at all.

He has no empathy and no remorse, with little impulse control sprinkled in the mix. He will ditch class, shoplift, commit grievous crimes on other classmates and do other heinous things on a day to day basis, somehow managing to cover it all up from his parents as well as the school staff. His weapon of choice has been shown to be a standard work hammer, though it is likely a firearm will be introduced into the story at some point as the book inches closer to release.


The reception for the book doesn't exist yet outside of several who claim to have read it early (Which is unlikely to be true). Though from the excerpt provided it's likely the book will receive mixed reviews. Some may find the psychological aspects, as well as the extreme cruelty exciting and fun. While others will almost certainly find the subject material offensive and disturbing and completely pan the book as a result. The book may also be seen as disrespectful to those who have survived school shootings.