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Children of the Lamp
Children of the Lamp paperback editions
Paperback editions
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Author P. B. Kerr
Genre Fantasy, Fiction
Website Spotlight on Scholastic
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The Children of the Lamp is a seven-novel series written by P.B. Kerr.


  1. The Akhenaten Adventure
  2. The Blue Djinn of Babylon
  3. The Cobra King of Kathmandu
  4. The Day of the Djinn Warriors
  5. The Eye of the Forest
  6. The Five Fakirs of Faizabad
  7. The Grave Robbers of Genghis Khan


John and Philippa Gaunt are twelve-year old twins with a remarkably gifted mother, a very kind father, and two dogs that aren't who they seem to be. The family lives a life of luxury in New York. One day, their wisdom teeth appear simultaneously. During an operation to get the wisdom teeth removed, they both have the same dream in which their uncle, Nimrod, asks that they come to London. He tells them that they are djinn (genies). They begin the adventure of a lifetime, going from Cairo to London, using pink Ferraris, and riding camels. From New York, Egypt, and London, the twins' adventures are filled with excitement as they undergo training in the use of their newly discovered powers, but are also fraught with danger, as they battle the evil Ifrit tribe of djinn and its leader, Iblis. They must preserve the balance of good luck and bad luck in the world.