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The Bible is a collection of ancient pieces of literature or books documenting the history of Ancient Israel and how through it redemption (through Jesus Christ) comes to humanity. Significantly the Bible is ultimately authored and directed by God who used human agents to record all the information[1]. The Bible was written over a period of several thousand years by about 40 authors across the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa (focused in Asia Minor and the Middle East).

The Bible is composed of 66 books divided into various sections, beginning with the Book of Genesis (origins of the universe, humanity, suffering, various cultures and nations; genealogical background for nation of Israel) and ends with the Book of Revelation (description of the apocalypse of the world). It contains various pieces of literatures from various writing styles and genre in the end all giving testimony to the Salvation of Jesus Christ. The Bible primarily focuses on the documentation of the history of ancient Israel.

Author *
Genre *
  • Historical Account/Narrative
  • Poetry
    • Proverbs/Maxims, Parables
    • Psalms, Doxology, Songs
  • Prophecy
    • Apocalyptic prophecy
  • Epistles (Letters)
  • Genealogy
  • Law/Regulation
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