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A Clint Eastwood Biography
Publication information
Author Stewart Wolmark
Genre Biography
Release Date 2016


Publisher Amazon
Website Official website
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"A Clint Eastwood Biography" is a biography ebook published on Amazon's Kindle service, written by Stewart Wolmark. It is heavily focused on the real life story of American legend and actor Clint Eastwood. Certain elements have been added for greater drama, but the main store remains true to the core of the real life of the actor.

Following the recent trends of digitization, the author decided that it should be published as an ebook only.[1]

Critical reception[]

Critical reception for A Clint Eastwood Biography has been mainly neutral, despite the low number of sales.

In a third-party review, Publishers Weekly said that this maybe due to the fact that there are several other biographies about this great actor. Pointing out that saturation of the marked plays a huge role in these things, they said that it is a great book in the young adult genre.

The author's vision was to explain how complex the world of movie actors really is, and how "easy" it is to become a hero on the silver screen, or perhaps how easy it is to lose this status in the United States.

Parental guidance[]

  • Reading Age: Grades 9 through 12, according to publisher.
  • Read Aloud Age: Grades 5 and up.


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